Luxury Houses

Luxury Houses

Square meter (m2): 200 - 450

Individual Luxury House Specification 200 - 450 square meters:

✓ For every individual house order, we offer free gifts: a Garden Kids playground house, a sauna, and a bathtub.
✓ For orders of more than 2-3 units, we work with the client to determine a reasonable percentage of the prepayment amount.
✓ For single orders, a 70% prepayment is required.
✓ Main house wall frame sizes are 250 mm.
New build homes come with a 10-year warranty to provide homeowners with protection against structural issues and defects in workmanship.
✓ House deliveries are included in the price.
✓ From the client's side, you need to prepare foundations and communications, as well as ready-made project details.
✓ Production time ranges from 5 months to 2 years, depending on order quantity and size.
✓ We have our own architect who provides consultation and drawing services.
✓ We provide 3D documentation for the main house frames, as well as floor plans and 3D visualizations for the chosen house.
✓ If you have ready-made house project drawings for a stone house, no problem, we can convert them to wood.
✓ All these houses come with the listed products from the product section to the key.
✓ We do not provide main furniture in the houses.
✓ We can assist with large foundation process work.


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